The purpose of the Veterans National Entertainment Workshop Helps veterans cope with stress and maintain a level of positive mental health through the incorporation of music, dance, theater, and entertaining productions that they can directly participate in.
This non profit program offers veterans the opportunity to perform their own material for the general public. Those who participate will be afforded the opportunity to work with Hollywood professionals. Those who do not perform will be given the opportunity to work developing sets and helping with the technical aspects of production.
The programs will consist of music, comedy, drama and dance to be performed by the veterans themselves. The shared hope of the program will be to bring laughter, song and positive introspection to vets who ofentimes are faced with high levels of stress.
While raising money for veteran support is an important goal of the Veterans National Entertainment Workshop, if we can help one veteran from making a catastrophic decision, we will have succeeded.
Please give what you can to this nonprofit organization. You may donate money, musical instruments, video equipment and your time to this important cause.

The program brings back laughter, song and valuable Introspection for whom such
expression can make a tremendous difference.

By sponsoring a show, a practice, or a musical instrument
you are helping veterans everyday.

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