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Featuring U.S. Military Veteran Singers and Musicians
Rock, country, folk and pop standards - sung from the heart!
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November 9, 2019

Veterans National Entertainment Workshop 2019 U.S. Veterans Concert

Featuring U.S. Military Veteran singers and musicians performing their own original songs and popular favorites. Rock, country, folk and pop standards - all sung from the heart!

The Veterans National Entertainment Workshop - - is a nonprofit 501c3 organization supporting U.S. military veterans cope with PTSD, homelessness, substance abuse and other challenges through music. In these difficult times, please support the veterans and keep the music going! Click here to donate.

VNEW Thanks our Concert Supporters

We appreciate Beyond O2 Alkaline Water for helping to hydrate our Concert guests and performers. Please be kind to Mother Earth by bringing your own water bottles and vessels

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Our Mission

Help veterans cope with PTSD, homelessness, substance abuse and other challenges through music.

Help veterans find their voices performing their own original songs.

Help veterans network with music industry professionals and find community with other veterans and the public.

Provide veterans with opportunities to work backstage at performances and help with events.

Serve as a referral for veterans and families that need help finding health and mental services; housing; education; jobs and job training.

Luis Figueroa is a veteran connected with the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration campus, and is scheduled to perform at our 2019 concert. Listen to him eloquently speak about the value of music and performing in his life.

Latest News

May 12
We hope everyone and their families are well and safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. For veterans, especially those living alone or without support systems, these are difficult times filled with anxiety and stress. Necessities, healthcare and housing are critical. And activities we can do on our own - like playing music and singing songs - are more important than ever for personal well-being. Songs give us solace, thought and pleasure. Music take...
November 09
2019 DATE ANNOUNCED - November 9, 2019 The Veterans National Entertainment Workshop sponsored American veterans suffering from PTSD, alcoholism, homelessness and family separation to a music workshop, giving them the opportunity to tell their stories through their music and song.  We gave them the opportunity to work with music professionals to polish their craft and to find community among other veterans and musicians. VNEW’s 2019 Concert w...
Photo by Jon Endow

Get Involved

Everyone has a special gift or skill to share, which is why we invite you to join our team as we continue to make a positive impact in our community. Contributing to our team means you’ll be helping us as we give back to those who have risked so much to ensure that we continue to enjoy our freedom. There are multiple ways you can support VNEW’s mission, and no amount or gesture is too small.
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